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Best Roca 2017 | Kiteboarding | Snow Kite


Product Description

Best Kiteboarding Roca 2017

 The all new Roca is the bomb.  This is an excellent all around kite for both seasoned riders and those who are new to the sport.  This kite offer a huge wide range.  Providing smooth control yet responsive control to the riders input. The Roca delvers great low end power and performs well in lighter winds.  New riders will like the easy relaunch and stability of the kite offers while experienced riders will love its hang time and lift.


Changes to previous model  

-Redefined wingtip shape for enhanced responsiveness and smoother turning
-Redesigned leading edge shape for improved kite twist and stability
-Fine tuned aspect ratio for more low-end power, lift and hangtime
-Industry leading Twist Lock Valve 2.0 inflation system for fastest in- and deflation
-TPU bladder material made in Germany
-New backline attachment points made of Spectra line for easier setup and durability

Check Out Some Of The Features:

• Innovative Tri-strut kite for maximum agility and control
• Medium to high aspect ratio for explosive jumps with incredible hang time
• Unseen low end grunt for light wind performance in every size
• Easy handling and relaunch for continuous fun on the water
• EZ-Pump™ and Twist Lock Valve equipped
• Included with kite: nylon sleeve, kite bag and a repair kit

Conquer the Elements

After three years of development the new Roca was born in Cabo da Roca at Europe’s west coast. The Roca was fine tuned and calibrated to excel in all conditions for incredible grunt, easy handling and outstanding jumping characteristics.
Jumping Ability
With direct and fast steering and its medium to high aspect ratio the Roca is “built to boost”. Radical jumps have never been easier. The Roca offers you full control while enjoying enough hang time to finish you trick.
The Roca is easy to tame. The delta shape with swept wing tips provide precise and wide depower for a flawless “sheet and go”: Pull the bar and the kite instantly responds with power. Let go off the bar and you’re back in the comfort zone. The Roca is made for everybody.
We designed the Roca with innovative safety features such as our 3D Foam Bridle Deflectors. The kite offers remarkably easy relaunch and tangible overall stability. Trailing Edge Battens and the new Vibration Dampening System increase the profile stability while absorbing gusts by smoothing the transitions of power load onto the full canopy surface. Stability and responsiveness for great confidence on the water.
Low End
The Roca is ignited by the softest breeze. The sizes 14 and 17 can be ridden in winds below 10 knots. Also looking at its depower characteristics, the Roca covers a huge wind range. Just perfect for traveling, even a two-kite-quiver will cover any conditions.
Additional Information
The Roca is a four line kite. It flies best with the Best Red bar and suits riders of all levels. The Best Roca comes with a kite sleeve, backpack, sticker set, pump nozzle and kite service kit.

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