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Best TS 2017 | Kiteboarding | Snow Kite

Brand Name:
Best Kiteboarding
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Product Description

Best Kiteboardings 2017 TS Do All Kite


What Ever your ambitions Kiteboarding, Snowkiting, or Landboarding... 

The New 2017 TS will Rock Your World


Do It All


• 4-line open C kite for unlimited freestyle and freeride performance
• Decent grunt combined with great depower for a huge wind range
• Highest performance for all riding styles
• Fastest turning speed for kiteloops and boosting big airs
• Great pop and solid line slack for unhooked tricks
The TS is our flagship. Controllable power meets outstanding performance to match the highest expectations of all freestyle, wakestyle, freeride and wave riders. The TS is your choice to push your limits and do it all!


Changes To the 2017 TS

  • Redesigned leading edge shape for improved kite twist and stability
  • Fine tuned aspect ratio for more low-end power, lift and hangtime
  • Revised micro bridle geometry for direct steering and precise bar pressure
  • Reworked trailing edge for smoother airflow and incredible durability
  • Original Teijin Techno Force D2 canopy from Japan
  • TPU bladder material made in Germany
  • Industry leading Twist Lock Valve 2.0 inflation system for fastest in- and deflation
  • New backline attachment points made of Spectra line for easier setup and durability

Turning Speed


Direct control for fast and powerful steering For boosting big, ripping in waves or kiteloops you need a fast and direct steering kite. With medium to high bar pressure, the TS follows the rider’s steering impulses with instant responsiveness and maximum agility. The light wind sizes 14 and 16 are easily mistaken with kites two sizes smaller due to their fast turning.

Unhooked Ability – Huge pop with plenty of slack Being the most versatile kite in our range, the TS is also made for unhooking. This kite ensures an incredible pop and offers great line slack to nail your trick. It easily hurls you out of the water to provide plenty of time so you can finish your tricks from basic handle passes to the most advanced freestyle moves.



Full control with huge wind range The TS is a grunty kite with endless, easily accessible power. Thanks to a huge depower this kite swallows gusts and strong winds actively. The cleaner profile with a refined leading edge (LE) segmentation enhances stability and control. Our new Vibration Dampening System along the trailing edge (TE) smoothens the airstream for perfectly balanced aerodynamics.

Jumping Ability

Jump so high and never come back down The TS is designed to boost big. Due to the fast steering, the open C shape and the perfectly fine tuned aspect ratio, the kite shoots you into undiscovered altitudes while providing full control for adding comfortably kiteloops or rotations to your jump.

Changes to previous model:

• ++ Refined LE segmentation for cleaner profile
• ++ 3D Foam Bridle Deflectors
• ++ LE circumference seam protection
• ++ Added sizes for precision quiver building
• ++ Dual strut head reinforcements



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