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Matrixx 2 2015

Brand Name:
HQ Kites
Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description

HQ Matrixx

Sizes: 9m, 12m, 15m
Colors: Correspond with size


One of the best performing amphibous (closed-cell) foils in the industry, excelling on land, snow and water.


Introducing the new HQ Matrixx kite. This HQ Matrixx kite has both the ability to launch on water with the high-aspect freestyle performance of land-based depowerable foil kites offering responsive turning and unmatched lift performance.

The New HQ Matrix Kite readily features a more efficient profile for low wind riding, extra thin bridle lines for reduced drag and
more power per square meter of sail.

The innovative closed cell design and bridle system allows riders to use the HQ Matrixx on the land, on the snow and on the water. Launching the Matrixx is easy and the stability and depower is outstanding in it’s class.

Riders will find the HQ Matrixx is one of the best performing closed-cell foils in the industry, excelling on land, snow and water. The effective power per square meter of the HQ Matrixx is unmatched compared to LEI kites allowing it to fly in lighter winds and is an excellent kite for worldwide travelling where excess baggage is a constant issue! It’s a great choice for light wind riding as well as boosting and getting big airs when there is good wind also.


The HQ Matrixx has evolved to provide faster, tighter turning and an increased depower range with more pop for higher jumps. Larger intake valves allow quicker ram-air inflation.

Riders will appreciate the redesigned molded chicken loop and the new TDS (Total Depower Safety) flagging line that provides an increased level of safety and simplified self-landing.

The control bar is clean and neat with single power strap equipped with a clam-cleat for easy adjustment. The depower strap is easy to reach at all times.

The "top hat" safety release is easy to reach, now located under the bar and effectively dumps the kite on the center-line bridle, folding the kite back and killing all power.

Even when fully powered up, bar pressure is light to moderate, giving good feedback and flying with one hand is easy.

Control Bar Features:

• Excellent de-power, very little bar pressure
• Control bar with chicken loop and safety-system
• Extreme Lift and Hangtime
• Enormous Increased Stability
• New Y-Frontlines for less drag
• Fast turning speed
• Excellent performance when un-hooked
• Internal drainage system and dirt-outs
• Innovative speed system and reduced bridle
• Adjusted Aspect Ratio for all sizes
• Double Stitched Seams with Reinforce Profiles
• New Designed De-Power Control Bar
• Water repellent sail material for more performance
• Easy relaunch

The new backpack is even more technical and offers attachment points for all kinds of boards, helmets and harnesses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re free styling or cruising, the HQ Matrixx will surpass your needs, whilst being really easy to fly.

• State-of-the-art freestyle de-powerable kite.
• Drastically increased depower with less bar pressure
• Excellent lift and hang time with high turning speed
• Easy handling & control for beginners to experienced kiters.
• Extremely stable flying behavior.
• Large air intake for fast and easy inflation
• Manufactured to standards used for par glider's.
• Dirt-outs – easy system to remove sand and water from your kite.
• Anti tangle rotating bar-system.
• Leash-less Safety System. After using the quick release the kite is ready to start again in a few seconds.
• Secondary Safety-System at the chicken-loop.

• High quality backpack.
• De-power carbon control bar with colored lines.
• Incl. Manual, Video CD and guide card.

Comes complete with:
• HQ Matrixx Kite
• HQ Matrixx Control Bar with flying lines and wrist leash safety system.
• Waterproof Canvas Kite Storage Bag
• Manual

Equipped with a super efficient profile, extra thin bridle lines and intelligent speed-system, the Matrixx is one of the best performing closed-cell foils in the industry. Although a great choice in lighter winds, it excels in lift and hang-time. The effective power per square meter is simply remarkable. Are you ready to try the Matrixx on wheels, snow and water? Characteristics: - extremely thin bridle line for minimal drag - effective depower profile - three pulley speed-system - massive depower Flat Area: 11.5 m² Flat Span: 739 cm / 24.1 ft Height: 185 cm / 6.1 ft Flat AR: 4.75 Cells: 26 Wind (Bft.): 2-6, 6-44 km/h, 4-27 mph, 3-24 Knots Dyneema Line Set (inkl.): Y-Line Set 300-600 kp Backlines 270 kp, 25 m | 82 ft Control Option: DP Control Bar 60 cm / 24''


Product Reviews

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  1. 15m Purchase

    Posted by Joel on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

    Light weight fabric and the ability to get aloft in light winds was my main reason for purchasing the 15m HQ matrixx 2. I was not disappointed when I was able to get some good flight time in variable 7 mph winds. I have a lot of trees and hills around me and I’m normally waiting weeks to get winds higher than a 10 MPH. The material on this kite is super lightweight. It weighs less than my 4.2M Prism Tensor. I plan to use the Matrixx2 primarily for landboarding and kiteboarding. I purchased from because I got the impression from their website that they are not just online to sell products but rather to educate and provide a learning experience for kiting in general. I think they put in some good effort and time listing the lessons learned, How to begin and providing a lot of good information to get a person started in kiteboarding. Since I’m only 6 months into learning kiteboarding the information on their website was invaluable. Also because there is no instructors for kiteboarding or kitesurfing within 200 miles of my location in Pennsylvania. I ordered my HQ kite and HQ seat harness on Thursday and both products were at my door the following Monday. Really great delivery time. I think I waited for a good wind day longer than it took them to deliver the kite. The kite came ready to fly with only a few twists in the lines that took less than 10 minutes to undo. I only wish the kite came with a printed manual. But Dan at kitemare was very quick to forward the PDF manual for the matrixx2 after I emailed him the request. The backpack for the kite is very spacious and well made. Not waterproof as there is mesh on the sides but big enough to fit my harness and a bunch of xtra stuff.

    38 year old male. 150 lbs.
    Kiting for 6 months as of 8/18/15.
    South East Pennsylvania.

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