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Ozone Ignition 3-Line Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

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Product Description

Ozone Ignition 3-Line Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

Comes Complete and Ready to Fly

Available Sizes

In 8mph to 12mph winds for a person over 140lbs would most feel...

Ignition 1.6 - Very Very light pull to little pull even when flying aggressively  
Ignition 2.0 - Light pull to medium pull when flying aggressively
Ignition 2.5 - Medium to strong pull, needing to brace yourself when flying aggressively
Ignition 3.0 - Strong to really strong pull needing to brace yourself when flying aggressively


ozone-ignition-flying-at-the-beach.jpgThe Ozone Ignition has a 3 line integrated safety system that provides super easy self relaunching and allows you to easily depower your kite when you feel over powered or when you decide to land the kite. 

The Ignition is an excellent trainer kite for you to learn and practice fundamental kiting skills needed for learning how to kiteboard, snowkite, and kite landboard.  Kite flying skills make up 80% of the skills needed for these power kiting sports.  The Ignition offers a safe way to begin learning and mastering these skills. 

By using a trainer kite like the Ignition, along with a good training DVD you can learn wind awareness, steering techniques, flying maneuvers, and build muscle memory in order to master kite control. Learning to properly fly a kite is critical to learning how to kiteboard or safely engage in other power kiting sports.


Today, kiteboarding and snowkiting are becoming more and more popular with kids.  The Ozone Ignition 1.6 is recommended for young kids in winds less than 10 mph.

Children must always fly with adult supervision!

Flying Performance

The Ignition trainer kite is a well designed kite that performs extremely well in different wind conditions.  It is a stable and smooth kite to fly and provides a nice responsive feel.   The kite is super easy to relaunch after a crash and can be quickly de-powered by simply letting go of the handle.  

Wind Range Suggestions

ozone-back-pack.jpgThe Ozone Ignition is designed to fly in winds ranging from 5mph to 20mph

Our experience is 8 mph to 15 mph provides the best wind conditions for flying. We recommend flying in 8 to 10mph winds and working up to higher wind speeds once you have practiced flying in the wind window and have good kite control. 

Flying in winds under 8mph can be difficult unless the wind is really clean.  Wind speeds are usually inconsistent and will almost always have stronger gusts and lighter lulls.  If you are flying on land the wind will have more variation than flying by the ocean, large lakes, or wide open fields. 

Flying in winds over 15mph has a very different feel.   As winds increase, the action of your kite will become much faster and more powerful.  Flying even smaller kites without experience in higher winds will always increase the risk of injury. Children should never fly a kite in high winds (exceeding 10 mph) and should always fly with adult supervision.

The 2.5 and 3.0 are capable of generating enough power to easily pull an adult on a mountain board on hard packed surface.


The Ozone Ignition is an extremely durable kite.  We have been selling kiteboarding trainer kites since 2001 and the Ozone Ignition is nothing short of Ozones commitment to engineer and produce quality gear at the highest standards. 

Package Includes

ignition-close-up.jpgThe Ozone Ignition trainer kites come with everything you need and are ready to fly.

Bar and fly lines attached
Nice carry bag
Wrist strap / depower 3rd line

Trainer Kite Uses

Kiteboarding - Training kite flying skills
Snowkiting - Primary kite flying skills - some entry level movement for lighter folks with larger size kites
Landboarding - Both kite flying skills and entry level movement
Kite Buggying - Both kite flying skills and some entry level movement
Recreational Power Kiting - Awesome for recreational flying with family and friends



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