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Peter Lynn Skim 2.8m Kiteboarding Trainer Kite For Water, Land, & Snow

Brand Name:
Peter Lynn Kitesports
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Product Description

The Skim 2.8m - Water Relaunch Trainer Kite

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The Skim 2.8m is a great size trainer kite for most lighter weight adults.  As winds climb over 12 mph the kite will generate steady power.  Adults weighing 100 to 140lbs will have a great time training both on the land and in the water.  The 2.8 is a great size that will deliver steady power in 12+mph winds for body dragging.

  • In light winds the Skim 3.4m will have a light pull. 
  • In medium to stronger winds the power will build more gradual than the larger kites.  
  • Lighter adults who would like lighter to medium pull the 2.8m Skim is perfect.
  • Average to heavier adults may want to consider the 2.8 if flying with kids.


What is the Skim 2.8m Kite Good For?

  • Training on land, water, & snow
  • Body dragging for average size adults
  • Heavier kids fly with a parent in light wins (under 10mph)
  • This is an excellent size for folks who would prefer light to medium power trainer kite
  • Average size adults who live in high wind areas



What Makes the Skim 3.4m a Great Trainer Kite?    

  • If you live by the water, you can expand your training to water
  • Third line safety and super easy relaunch both on land and water
  • Great kite for beginners learning kite control
  • Easy and safe introduction to wind sports
  • Big wind range; from light to strong winds
  • Durable and strong construction 

We would say, be prepared for a work out.  This 3.4m kite has some serious pull in 15mph winds.

A Great Kite to Learn, Grow, and Fly!!!




Stable & Fun

A kite for light winds or higher winds. Great for land, water, or snow.


The Right Size

Three different sizes for the perfect balance of power and control.


Safe & Easy

Complete depower by letting go. Easy relaunch. Stable and predictable control.


Huge Wind Range

Easy & stable in light winds, for beginners.  Performs very well in high winds for experienced pilots.


Fun, Easy and Challenging

To make your first steps into kitesurfing fun, easy and challenging Peter Lynn built the Skim. The Skim is a 3-line trainerkite that can easily be relaunched even from the water making it perfectly suitable for those body dragging sessions to get used to controlling a kite while in the water.

As we believe anybody should be able to enjoy wind powered (water)sports the Skim offers an easy yet challenging learning curve perfect for those important first steps into this exhilarating world. Its superb flight characteristics and 3rd line safety make the Skim perfect to learn the basics in full control and confidence.

Huge Wind Range

From easy going light winds to high wind body dragging fun.  The Skim has a big wind range which makes it an excellent kite to make quick progression with. It flies very easy going in light winds, so beginners feel safe and confident flying it, but it also performs very well in high winds, where the Skim is easily powerful enough for some body dragging fun.

Safe and Easy

Easy controls through the control bar with safety leash.  The third line on the Skim has a double function. Firstly it connects the trailing edge of the canopy to a wrist strap, so when you let go of the bar the kite will completely depower and drop to the ground. Its second function is to help you relaunch when the kite is nose down on the ground. To make your life easy, the lines have been pre-attached.

Great Stability

The Skim is very stable and predictable for fast progression.  Designed as a trainer kite, the Skim has been tuned to fly extremely stable in all kinds of conditions, to give the flyer a safe feeling and - above all - FUN experience at all times. The great stability ensures that you will be flying as much as possible without having to struggle to keep the kite in the air. In short, you can progress fast without hassle.

Easy Controls and Quick Through the Air

The Skim flies fast yet controllable. The Skim is very easy to fly in its lower wind range, it responds exceptionally well to steering input and turns smoothly. As the Skim is flown on a bar, the chance of over-steering the kite is reduced to zero. Its specially designed profiles ensure the perfect balance between speed & control and challenge & ease.


The Skim is delivered as a complete package, containing

  • Skim water relaunchable kite
  • Skim bag
  • 3-line control bar with safety leash
  • Dyneema® flying lines
  • Trainer kite manual

Color Combinations

  • Skim 2.8m – teal – orange
  • Skim 3.4m – teal – lime
  • Skim 4.0m – teal – red

Line Length & Strength

Skim 2.8m – 18m 150Kg + 100Kg brakeline
Skim 3.4m – 20m 150Kg + 100Kg brakeline
Skim 4.0m – 20m 150Kg + 100Kg brakeline

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