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About Kitemare


A Mainstay in the Kiteboarding Industry for over 14 Years.

KiteMare Kiteboarding was created April of 2000 in Jacksonville, Florida.  With over 14 Years in Business, we're still going strong!

At KiteMare, all suggestions come from an "Instructors Perspective".

An Important note the information on this site or communicated is no substitute for certified instruction.

Our focus has always been on helping YOU to Learn Fast, Kite Safe, Have Fun, and to get best gear, at a quality price, and to experience the best in customer service.

If you're looking for the worlds greatest sales people to quickly swipe your credit card...they're out there, but not here.

Over the years we've gained an enormous amount of experience... teaching, coaching, kiting,retailing, servicing, and most importantly sharing the stoke and passion for kiteboarding, and other Kite Sports.

We LOVE kiting and introducing others to the sport. Anyone who has ever communicated with us knows how committed we are to helping others and providing customer service that's far beyond the expected.

KiteMare? What kind of name is that!?

Excellent question!  Back when we started, we had a long list of possible names: Kite-- Dream, Gasm, Guru, and at least 20 other names.

The name KiteMare was catchy, intriguing, edgy, and best of all it was ambiguous.

"Mare" has various meanings around the world:


  • Horse,
  • Ocean
  • The Sea
  • Changing Tides
  • and of course Nightmare with kites.

Recently, a friend of mine was telling me about a recurring nightmare she was having. She described it in great detail and the meaning she associated with it. A thought then yelled in my head. That's NOT it, The true meaning of that nightmare is "___________". After explaining to her the true meaning, her eyes lit up and she said. "Wow, I didn't realize that".

I looked at her with a smile, and confidently told her that NOW that she finally got the message, that nightmare would not return.

The point is... " IT"S ALL GOOD". Nightmares, Kitemares, fear, excitement, mistakes, and lessons learned.

Everything is there so that we can learn from it and move on.

The 1st time someone launches a large inflatable kite, it IS a scary feeling. and the 1st several times you're kiting in the surf wondering how you're going to get past that incoming wall of water... It's scary, no doubt!

There is very little difference between fear and excitement and the two emotions tends to bounce back and forth. It happens over and over.
You're excited to kite, then you feel a bit of fear, and then you do it, and then you're back to excited again.

Kitemare's Roots & Quotes

Jeff Weiss started the company in 2000.

Kitemare Quotes

"Excitement keeps you motivated.
Fear keeps you alert and focused on the situation at hand.
Together, both emotions serve to empower us"
- Jeff Weiss

Kitemare or Kite-Mare. You can pronounce our name any way you choose. Whether you say it.. Kitemare or Kite-Ma-rhee like the French, Italians, or Brazilians.

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