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Inflatable Kites for Snow Kiting

Snow Kiting - Inflatable Kites

Using an Inflatable Kite for Snow Kiting

If you are using an inflatable kite for kiteboarding, you can use the same kite for snow-kiting.  The only disadvantage is the time it takes to inflate the kite.  But for those of us who love water and snow,  bring it on!  You now have a quiver that just expanded your horizon for the price of one kite.  If  you become a snow enthusiast or just don't like the water, then foil kites are well worth the investment. 

If  you're just starting out, snow-kiting is much easier to learn than kiteboarding because of the difficulty of adding water in the mix.     

Learn more about: Snowkiting and  Foil Kites

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