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Trainer Kites - The Best Way to Learn Kiting Skills

Closed Cell Trainer Kites for Land & Water

Kiteboarding and kitesurfing trainer kites that are water relaunchable allow you to practice training exercises both on the land and in the water, expanding your learning experience.  These are excellent kites for learning kiteboarding and snowkiting.

There are 3-line and 4-line water relaunchable trainer kites:
  • We carry two 3-line trainer kite that are water relaunchable is the HQ Hydra  and the Peter Lynn Skim. These trainer kites are the least expensive, simplest to use, and by far the most popular.
  • 4-line Inflatable and other 4-line Closed Cell foil trainer kites are also good choices. These kites are best for water use and provide the most comprehensive learning experience. 
    • 4-line kites rig and fly just like the full-size gear. When you are learning, you are using the same motions and behaviors as you would use with a full-size sheetable kite.
    • The Ozone Uno is an inflatable (LEI) kite that is excellent for water.  This can be a great kite that can be a highly effective training tool.
    • Because 4-line  trainer kites have an inflatable leading edge, they are superior for learning in the water, on sandy beaches, or in the snow.
    • 4-line kites are more expensive and often will require the purchase of additional gear.







To better understand the differences between these trainer kites, read our Trainer Kite Reviews.



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