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Foil Kites for Snowkiting

Snowkiting Foil Kites

Foil Kites are Best for Landboarding, Snow-Kiting, and Buggy-Kiting.

Foil kites date back to the 70's and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wing ratios. Today, with the driving popularity of LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable) kites, inflatable kites have taken over the kiteboarding and kitesurfing market.  

Foil kites are superior for land kiting because there is no need to inflate the kite. They are also sturdy kites that can take their share of abuse. With a foil kite, there is little set up time, which leaves you more time to fly and your snow kiting session.

Inflatable kites or best for those who already own one or for those who have an interest in kiteboarding or kitesurfing.  Or any other water related kiting, paddle boards, kayaks, or tubs.  

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