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Kiteboarding Gear - Harness - Leash

Kiteboarding gear needed to complete any kiteboarding package

These items include control bars, safety leashes, harnesses, and air pumps (if one didn't come with the kite).

Kite + Control Bar + Safety Leash + Harness + Board = Complete Package

Control Bar: As a general rule, a control bar is sold separate from an inflatable kite. The manufacturer will suggest a recommended model and size range. In some cases, control bars are interchangeable between different kites and manufacturers.

Harness:  Harnesses are completely interchangeable between brands and styles. Some harnesses and bar hooks complement the different riding styles of freestyle, old-school, and free-riding.

Safety Leash:  A safety leash is the last connection between you and your kite once you pull your primary safety.  If you release the safety leash, then you totally detach yourself from your kite.

If you have any questions, give us a call.  We're here to help!

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