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Entry Level Snow Kites

Entry Level Snow-kiting

Snowkiting is a Blast and Easy to Learn

apex-snow-kiting-action.jpg3 Line Trainer / Beginner kites

Trainer kites are most likely going to be to small for the average Adult.  The larger sizes like the HQ Rush 350 Hydra 350 may work for lighter riders.  Or if you are on a hard pack surface with stronger winds.  

In this category of kites the hq Hydra 420 (4.5m), Peter Lynn Skim 4m,  and Peter Lynn Xplore 4m are the largest sizes.  These are great kites for those who may not be fully dedicated to entrying the sport and would like a simple way to explore snowkiting with out a large investment ($250-$500)

4- Line Depower Kites Are The Best 

Below are 3 kites we would recommend.  These kites are user friendly and they have great depower, and are very stable kites for people who are new to the sport.  These kites typically have more low end power and are more forgiving than performance oriented snow kites.  Most people who are looking for a great kite to go cruise through the snow and catch some air from time to time will never out grow these Do-All kites.  They are a great investment for your quiver.

On a firm snow or hard packed snow surface with light powder, a 4m to 6m kite is a great size for lighter kiters and 5m to 8m kites are good sizes for heavier riders that are new to the sport.  

These kites will range from $600 to  $1,500 up for the kite and control bar.  You will also need a harness and leash.

3 Kites to look at;  Flysurfer Viron Flysurfer Peak4, HQ Apex.  Consider the sizes between 4m to 8m.

Inflatable Kites - Great for Both Kiteboarding and Snowkiting 

best-roca-snow-kitng.jpgInflatable kites can also be excellent snow-kites.  The Ozone Uno trainer kite, or Eleveneight Rs are both great kites.  If you are considering learning both kiteboarding and snow-kiting an inflatable kite can be a great choice.  

With Inflatable kites the same kite can be used for both sports; this allows you to build a quiver that will maximize your wind range for both kiteboarding and snowkiting.

Inflateble kites will range from $900 on up for the kite.  The control bar is often sold separate $350 on up.  Then there is the harness ranging from $170 to $250 (for either a seat harness or waist harness).  Total investment $1,350 and up.


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