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Trainer Kites

Trainer Kites - The Best Way to Learn Kiting Skills

See our Trainer Kite Reviews for a complete list of trainer kites to find the best fit for you!

Trainer Kites:  A Vital Key to Learning Any Kiting Sport

Trainer kites are the safest way to begin learning any kiting sport.  The number one goal of a trainer kite is to help you safely learn and master kite flying skills. Any trainer kite between 2m & 3.5m is a great choice. 

See our Trainer Kite Reviews to find the right trainer kite for you!

The New Version of the Rush Pro has been Released! The Rush V PRO.  It's twice as durable!

The Rush V Pro trainer kites  offer amazing performance for anyone looking to learn how to kiteboard, snow kite, or landboard. The Rush kites have always been a favorite amongst our many customers.  Now, It just got a whole lot better.   Learn more.


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