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HQ Hydra II (3-Line)

HQ Hydra II Trainer Kite

 New 2018 HQ4 Hydra Trainer Kite

     A trainer kite that can be used for learning on Land, Snow, and Water.  The Hydra is a closed cell foil kite that will float on the water and relaunch off the water.  

The Hydra comes in 3 different sizes;

           Hydra 300  -  In Stock - Now Shipping    

           Hydra 350  -  In Stock - Now Shipping

           Hydra 420 -  In Stock - Now Shipping

The Hydra is an excellent kite for land, snow, and water.

Using the HQ Hydra II trainer kite for body draigingHQ Hydra a trainer kite for Learning Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing Skills on Land & Water.

  • Quick and easy to set up that can be used on land or in the water.
  • Extremely stable and easy to fly
  • The closed cell ram–air foil kite has no bladders to inflate or replace, yet this kite will float on the water.
  • A third line provides a safety system and the ability to easily reverse launch, making the Hydra very user friendly for beginners.
  • The Hydra 300, 350, and 420 generate plenty of pull for body-dragging exercises,  SUP-Kiting, and kiting with a skim board with moderate winds.
  • While body dragging, learn to control the kite and properly master flying power stroke configurations and flying up wind.
  • Learn how to water launch and re-launch.  Learning how to properly relaunch a kite in the water takes practice and can be  tricky.  

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