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  • Rush Pro 350 / 3-Line trainer kite
  • Flying the Rush Pro 350 trainer kite / power kite at the beach is a thrill for any new kiter wanting to learn kite flying skills.
  • HQs 3-line fixed bridal control bar for learning kiteboarding and other power kiting sports.
  • Learn kiteboarding with the Rush Pro 350 trainer kite

New -HQ4 Rush Pro 350 | Trainer Kite | Learn Kiteboarding kite skills

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HQ Kites
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Product Description

HQ4 Rush Pro 350 / 3-Line Trainer Kite 

rush-pro-grouping.jpgThe Rush Pro is an ideal kite for practicing kiting skills on sandy beaches, grass fields, or snow covered terrain. The Rush 350 packs some good  power and is great for learning fundamental kiting skills for Kiteboarding, snowkiting, and kite landboaring.

It is one of the strongest and most durable twin skin trainer kites on the market.  This kite is perfect for learning power kiting skills and mastering kite control.  We really like the Rush V Pro because it is affordable, safe and is a super-easy trainer kite that comes ready-to-fly. 

Comes Complete and Ready to Fly.  Best of all it comes with our NO BULL GUARANTEE.

Strong To Very Strong Pull In Higher Winds / 3.5 Square Meter Kite / Suggested Wind Range 6mph to 20mph +

The newest 2018 HQ4 Rush Pro  is a top selling trainer kite / power kite.  This kite has amazing strength, durability, and performance. 

This kite allows people to progress in their kite flying skills and to prepare for lessons before flying a larger inflatable kite or foil kite.

rush-at-the-beach.jpgThe strength, durability, and size of this kite makes it good beginner kite for learning kiteboarding, landboarding and snow kiting in the right conditions.

Kite Use;  

  1. Kiteboarding / kitesurfing trainer kite
  2. Beginner snow kite for lighter riders
  3. Beginner kite for landboarding

The Rush Pro comes in 3 different sizes;

  1. Rush Pro V 250.  True size is 2 square meters. Produces light power & pull. Great for families.
  2. Rush Pro V 300.  True size is 2.8 square meters.  Produces medium power & pull.  Great for light weight adults.
  3. Rush Pro V 350.  True size is 3.5 square meters. Produces strong power & pull.  Great for people who want power.

rush-250-button.png     rush-300-button.png     rush-350-button.png


The Rush Pro 350 comes ready to fly.  This kite size produces medium pull in lighter winds (under 10 mph) and the power will really start to multiply as the winds increase above 12mph.

  1. A rugged, compact carrying case.
  2. Strong tear resistant and durable sail fabric
  3. Re-enforced baffles with cross webbing and additional stitching. This provides a significant amount of strength and toughness.
  4. Durable line strength. The Rush V 250 and 300 both come with 385 lb test on the outside lines. The Rush V 350 comes with 485 lb test outside lines.
  5. Dyneema bridles are sewn to eliminate tangling.

The Rush V Pro is designed for learning and mastering kite flying skills needed for kiteboarding, kite-surfing, snow-kiting, landboarding and other traction kite sports.  

Starting with a trainer kite and taking lessons is important for safety and will accelerate your learning.  

HQ Kites' Description:

The Rush Pro has a new shape, low aspect profile with more performance than ever before. The Rush Pro series are the easiest kites for beginners and built to last. Equipped with a third line for effortless reverse relaunches and ultimate safety, the Rush V Pro series is the perfect trainer kite for a fast learning curve.

Rush Pro Features:

  • Reverse re-launch with third line
  • Third line depower for safety
  • Very smooth and stable flying characteristics
  • Highly resistant to overflying
  • Wide wind range and Ready to Fly!
  • Durable construction with reinforced profiles and sewn bridle
  • Flying lines already attached to the kite
  • Excellent light wind performance
  • New profile and shape
  • Includes leash line with „shock absorber“
  • Includes big zipper rectangular backpack  for storing the kite

Rush Pro Ideal Flying Wind Conditions:  6mph - 20mph

Product Reviews

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  1. Worth every penny!

    Posted by Unknown on Monday, August 27, 2018

    I bought this for my girlfriend and me to learn kiteboarding. We took it down to Myrtle Beach and had some awesome days flying it in 15-20mph winds. It has a very strong pull and I was able to make some jumps 10ft in the air and 20ft down the beach!

  2. Solid Performance and strong pull

    Posted by John Todorovich on Saturday, April 28, 2018

    I am new to kiteboarding so I wanted a good kite that could provide me with the best traiining experience possible. This kite did not disappoint. It is well crafted, uses good materials, and has a great design. It is easy to launch and flies almost just like a full-size kite. Bear in mind, howeve,r that it can have a very strong pull, so smaller individuals might wish to use a harness or a smaller kite than the 350 size I have. I am over 200 lbs and it pulled me off the ground about 5 feet in 25 mph winds. It wrks very well for landboards as well.

  3. Great trainer kite

    Posted by Dominic on Friday, April 28, 2017

    This is the second one of this exact kite i have owned. I blew the seams out of the first one I owned and it was merely due to operator error. It has wind ratings however where I live we have a windy season and I, not so intelligently, decided to fly it in 90mph winds. It wasnt until about the 30th nose down crash that it blew the seams apart of 2 of the foils after dragging my 240lb self all over the field since I refused to let go of the handle and utilize the safety feature. Needless to say I was very impressed with durability, ease of use, and admittedly it can over power me. Planned a trip to the beach in Mexico so I bought another and recommend you buy one too. Hopefully the sand is a softer landing than the grass was.

  4. Awesomeness on a string!

    Posted by Monte on Thursday, February 25, 2016

    I finally couldn't deny my itch to get a good trainer kite before investing in kiteboard lessons and scanned the web for a week checking out the different stores plus youtube videos to learn about the different models. I called Kitemare to ask a question and spoke to Dan the owner who answered everything and more. His customer service was superior and I bought it right then. A couple of days later it arrived and I went to fly. The kite performs extremely well, easy to launch without help, and I had no trouble maneuvering it the first day. With a moderate wind this kite has some strong pull! The kite is every bit as good as Dan said it would be and he gave me some pointers on the phone I put to use in the field the first day. It's a great kite and a fantastic store.

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