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* Due to COVID, the availability of trainer kites has been extremely scarce! We do have Ozone Iginitions and HQ4 Rush Pro kites available. We will keep you updated as more kites become available.

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Snowkiting: Kiting for All Seasons

There is no other sporting activity closer to kiteboarding than snow kiting with a snowboard, or snow kiting with downhill skies. The formula is simple:

Snowboard + Snow Kite = Endless Adrenaline!

Learning how to snowkite is much easier to learn than kiteboarding, and the gear is less expensive. Better yet, if you already have a kite for kiteboarding, you can use the same kite for snow kiting. The only difference is the board. What makes snow kiting so much easier is boarding or skiing on a solid surface verses water.

For snow kiting all you have to do is find any open area where clean wind flows and go for it. Lakes, mountain ranges, fields, corn fields, or hay fields all make amazing wonderlands. A boring wide open flat area can become a snow kiter’s endless playground for mastering speed, stunts, and big air.

If you're a freestyle fanatic, take your snowboard and some other freestyle snowboarding addicts and set up your own freestyle playground on a lake or open field.

If you are like many people who don't live in an area where there are mountains or big hills that are ideal for skiing, the flat ground is perfect for snow-kiting.  In other words if you live in FLAT LAND USA, put a kite in your hands with either your snow skies or a snowboard beneath your feet, and, hold on.  You'll be hooked.

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