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New to kiteboardng? Great resources to help you learn the kiteboarding basics.

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Compare the different trainer kites. One size trainer kite doesn't fit all!

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Just bought a trainer kite? Learn how to set up and use your new trainer kite.

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Amazing savings, great resources, and exclusive product guarantees.

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Learn Kiteboarding

Interested in learning how to kiteboard, kite-surf, landboard, or snowkite? Follow these 4 important steps to launch yourself into your kiting adventure.

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Trainer Kite Reviews

Why start with a trainer kite, and what are the different types of trainer kites available? Make an educated decision by reading our trainer kite reviews.

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How To Use A Trainer Kite

The first step to learning how to kiteboard is learning how to use a trainer kite! Trainer kites help build a foundation for a great kiting experience.

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Check out our...Have Questions? Call Us:(727) 565-2140

Kitemare Kiteboarding is Here For YOU!

The Ultitmate Place to Learn Kiteboarding and Find the Best Fit in Trainer Kites, Kites, Boards, Harnesses & More!

Kitemare.com is here to help you start your kiteboarding journey on the right foot. We offer tons of information and excellent products to help you learn and improve your kiteboarding skills.

One of our goals is to help you avoid the kitemares that happen to those who try kiting sports without a good understanding of techniques, safety and foundational principles. Check out our "Learn Kiteboarding" section to learn more.

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"I REALLY appreciate your quick and informative response. I can't tell how much better I feel just knowing there is someone out there who is willing to offer help. Thanks again. You've reinforced again that you know how to run a business and how to treat customers. I REALLY do appreciate your availability and your follow up."
-Jason Poole

"I just wanted to say "thanks" for helping my wife buy me a kite for my (48th!) birthday. I have now flown my new Hydra II 350, 3 times (all in 8-12 knots), for hours and I *love* it. I think it's a great match for me and I appreciate your help. Thanks again, very much."
- Andy Cohan

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