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Rush V School 300 (4-Line)

Rush V School Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

Rush V School Trainer Kite: Designed To Rig & Fly Like Full Size Gear

The Rush V School closely simulates set up and flying of a larger full-size sheetable kite:

  • Rush V School Trainer Kite's main advantage  is that it creates a similar experience of flying a full-size kite, including hookup to a harness. 
  • Rush V School is an ideal trainer kite for kiteboarding, snow kiting, and landboarding.
  • As a simple precaution, a  4-line kite is a little more technical than a 3-line kite.
  • The 2.8m size has just enough power to ensure beginners will be ready to progress to the next level.
  • This Rush V School requires the separate purchase of a harness to fly.

The Rush V School works with a sheetable bar system, allowing an easy progression onto a larger depower kite after learning the basics.

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Our Exclusive NO BULL Guarantee puts some stoke behind every purchase.  NO ONE DOES WHAT WE DO!!!

  1. 60 Days for Unopened Returns, no questions asked!
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  3. Manufacturer Warranty Issues - We help expedite solutions within days
  4. If you don't like your choice - We have options to exchange or return
  5. If you break it - We help pay for some of the repair

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