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Kitemare's Buy & Fly Rewards


We are stoked to share our Buy & Fly REWARDS™ with you!

Our Buy & Fly REWARDS™ give you with some pretty doggone good ways to save money. We’re not just there when you start with your trainer kite, but we want to help you progress in the sport and take it to the next level. Our exclusive Buy & Fly Rewards FLYBUCKS™ are just one of those ways to help you save money along the way.

When you make a purchase from our store, we automatically reward you with a total of $200 of FLYBUCKS™ coupons, broken down into various amounts, to apply towards any of your next purchases.  FLYBUCKS™ come in different savings amounts that can be applied to specific products or categories, or some can be applied store-wide.

FLYBUCKS™ are like cold hard cash on our website. Note, you can only apply one FLYBUCKS™ savings code per purchase. You will need to separate your purchases if you want to apply FLYBUCKS™ to more than one category. * The only exclusion from FLYBUCKS™ is our Clearance Center.

To take advantage of your FLYBUCKS™, simply enter the FLYBUCKS™ promotion code at the time of checkout with your next qualified purchase.

Quick Facts About FLYBUCKS™

  1. One Dollar in FLYBUCKS™ is equal to One Dollar in USA Currency.
  2. These are ONE-TIME USE savings codes. When used, the specified savings amount is applied to the purchase item at checkout.
  3. FLYBUCKS™ CANNOT be applied towards Clearance Items, but can be applied towards items on sale.
  4. ONLY ONE code can be applied per purchase.
  5. There is a 1 year expiration date for the codes.

Terms & Conditions holds the right to terminate or alter discounts to our Buy & Fly REWARDS at any time. Our Buy & Fly REWARDS program is mutually based on a yours and’s volunteer involvement. The amount of Buy & Fly FLYBUCKS™ REWARDS are based on the total amount of store purchase. Any changes will be posted on our website’s Buy & Fly REWARDS page.

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