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Crazyfly Sensei (2-Line)

Crazyfly Sensei Trainer Kite

Crazyfly Sensei 2-Line Trainer Kite For Learning Kiteboarding & Landboarding

The Crazyfly Sensei is one tough 2-line trainer kite.

The Crazyfly comes ready to fly and is easy to handle. It's a fantastic trainer kite for learning and mastering foundational kiting skills.

  • Two different sizes:  2m and 3m.
  • Easy to set up.  
  • Easy to fly.
  • Easy on your wallet.
  • Comes complete with kite, control bar and fly lines.

The Sensei makes a great starter kite for jumping on a landboard in a wide open park or taking a ride on a longboard on a large parking lot.


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