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Terms & Conditions

Shop with confidence!

Don’t be a stranger. 

  • If there is a problem let us know!
  • If you're amazed and thrilled, let us know!
  • If you have questions, let us know!
  • If you have a story to share, let us know!

The bottom line is we want to hear from you.  At, you aren't just a customer but you're part of the family.

14 Years of Amazing Service and Kitemare-kiteboarding have been serving customers just like you for over 14 years. We strive to address all our customer's questions and concerns, as well as share with them in their victories.

Because of our over-the-top service, Kitemare has built a reputation of confidence and trust that we don't take for granted.

If you read our testimonies and comments you will find, “we like people” and are stoked to have the opportunity to help our customers learn, be safe, and advance in their pursuit of this amazing sports of kiteboarding, kitesurfing, landboarding, and kite snowboarding.

Our business is built on helping first and product sales second.  We are passionate about wanting to see you win in your pursuit of kiteboarding and other traction kiting sports. With the right approach and helpful instructions we believe you can DO IT.

Our business culture is simple:  Every person we encounter is amazing, and we enjoy doing business and life with our customers!

How to Contact Us

If you ever have an issue or problem with your purchase we want to help resolve it and be a part of the solution. We want you to be thrilled the products you purchase and love using them.

Never hesitate to call or email us. And if it’s after hours don’t be surprised if we give you get a shout right back. We like hearing from you and would be happy to answer any of your questions, concerns, and YES even your experiences that you just can’t wait to tell someone about.

Contact Information:
411 S Bass Lake Dr
Vestaburg, Mi 48891

Phone: 888-812-7434

Cancel an Order

If you need to cancel an order for any reason, simply contact us immediately.

We do not charge any fees for cancellations if you make your request before we have packaged the product and shipped it. Most orders are shipped the day we receive them.Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your order will be cancelled before shipping.

In order to help us with a cancellation please contact our customer service immediately so the item can be pulled before we begin the shipping process,

Contact Customer Service at  888-812-7434

In the event your order has already been shipped, we will be happy to accept a return under the conditions of our Return Policy / limited warranty.

Return Merchandise

Products can be returned directly to under the following conditions;

  1. A proper Return Product Authorization Number (RPA) must be issued and the instructions that will be received with the number must be followed.
  2. Because each individual return is unique, the RPA number must clearly be marked on the outside of the package for us to accept it.
  3. The RPA number must be Clearly Marked on the Outside of Package.
  4. Item must be returned within 5 business days of the RPA numbers authorization date

To receive an RPA number call us.

When Returning An Item

It is best if you can secure and repackage the product inside the original packaging and shipping container. If the original packaging is  unavailable, you will need to obtain similar packaging and make every effort to ensure that the product is not damaged during shipping.

Make sure to include all packaging, including any protective wrapping. Please include a copy of the RPA Number’s Issued Return Page

Write your RPA number on the box in LARGE large txt next to the shipping address.

Ship the item to:
411 S. Bass Lake Dr.
Vestaburg, MI 48891

Any unauthorized or improperly packaged merchandise will be returned to sender.

Damages From Shipping

Though it is unlikely that your items will be damaged during shipping, things can happen from time to time. does everything possible to ensure the safe delivery of each purchase.

In the unlikely event damage does occur during shipping, it is the customer's responsibility to notify the shipper and immediately. It is best if you can inspect the box upon delivery.  If you notice any visual damage to a box when you receive it, we recommend inspecting the contents immediately to ensure they have arrived undamaged and that no items are missing. You should ask the driver to document that the box arrived damaged. Often the shipper will want to inspect the box and packaging materials, so be sure to retain everything until instructed otherwise by the shipper.

If you were unable to inspect the product on delivery it is important to contact the shipper and to call us immediately. This will greatly expedite any corrections that need to be made.

If the damaged item is found after the driver has left your premises, contact the shipper at once:
UPS – 800-742-5877
FedEx - 800-463-3339
US Postal Service – 800-275-8777


Kitemare's Free Shipping Policy

As our way of saying "Thank You," we offer FREE SHIPPING for kites and most products to anywhere in the US and Canada for orders over $75.00.   A few exceptions may apply for oversize products (boards) and some clearance products.  For these products the shipping cost will be defined on the product page.

Exceptions to Free shipping.  Free Shipping is NOT included in the following cases:

1. Orders under $75.00 unless specified.
2. All orders outside the US including Canada are subject to fees, dues, taxes collected by their country for imported merchandise.  These fees are paid by the customer. 
3. If a shipping rate is specifically specified on the product page.

International Orders.

If you live outside the US, no worries, we still may be able to give you a great shipping rate. Contact us for the best price and all other inquiries.  All dues, fees, taxes are paid by the customer and are NOT included an any shipping rates or quotes.

International Shipping Methods.

Most orders are sent USPS International Priority with an international tracking number. This is the least expensive method and based on past orders deliveries average from 7 to 14 business days. Understand that there is no way of knowing how long a delivery will take or what problems may be encountered. The ability to track a package is dependent on the country the package is being sent to. Some countries participate in the tracking system others do not. We have no control or insight into a foreign countries delivery system.  We are not responsible for orders reaching their final destination once the package leaves the U.S.. 

The Most Reliable International Shipping Service 

If you are an international customer the best Shipping method we offer is DHL Express. Most shipments are delivered in 3 to 5 business days. We many times will share a portion of the DHL Shipping fee (only) with international costumers.

 If you live outside the US, no worries, we still may be able to give you a great shipping rate. Remember dues, taxes, and fees subject to buyers responsibility.  Contact us for the best price and all other inquiries.

Stoked Guarantees and Warranties

Many of the companies we represent offer the BEST warranties in the industry. 

We want people to be stoked about, our amazing service and the incredible products we offer.

There are some products due to their nature that are exempt from our Guarantee. These products have a button clearly located on the product description page.  The button located at the top of description states, "Check Warranty".

On products that are exempt from our Guarantee, we follow the Manufacturer's stated Guarantee and Warranties terms and conditions for the puchase and use of there products.  We always work closely with our customers and manufactures to provide the best service for our customers.

Our Guarantee to You’s Stoked No Nonsense Guarantee on qualifying products is simple.

1. 60 day 100% on unopened and unused Items.
2. 30 day 100% percent on performance gear that is in gently used condition.
3. We offer buy back prices for items in good condition if you decide to trade up.  Values are based on the products age,  the condition, and model.  This offer can be as high as 70% or as low as 10% of the manufacturer's retail price depending on the age, care, and condition of the item.

To qualify for our cash buy back offers you must register each item at the point of purchase.

To register your newly purchased item for a possible cash buy back later,  immediately register the newly purchased product by giving us a call.

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