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Josh comments about his experience with Kitemare:

 Customer Comments

"Hi. Thank you for your kind message.
Big companies could learn a lot from you about customer service!"
- Kurt Wollenhaupt
I wanted to thank you for such incredible customer service regarding the minor warranty issue with my trainer kite. Within an hour of my inquiry you got back to me with detailed instructions on where to send the kite, and assurance that the situation would be taken care of. Sure enough it was, and I was back to flying in less than a week.
Had I bought my kite anywhere else, I likely would still be awaiting a response. Thanks again!
- Reid Anderson
"Thx for the voicemail and info. You guys are one in a million!
I can't get over how thorough and helpful you've been."...
"You're definitely a big asset to the sport and deserve success! "
- Rene Simard
I REALLY appreciate your quick and informative response. I can't tell how much better I feel just knowing there is someone out there who is willing to offer help" "Thanks again. You've reinforced again that you know how to run a business and how to treat customers. I REALLY do appreciate your availability and your follow up"
- Jason Poole
 Thanks so much! Wish all companies were as helpful as this one. Keep being awesome.
- James Brakke
 You guys have an awesome service, great job! Many thanks
- Fernando De Las Carreras
 "Not sure exactly what, but there is something special about you :-)
God Bless and thanks for the encouragement and help" .
- Jim Mitroka
 I really need to congratulate you for your site and your customer service. I found your site absolutely helpful, it answered almost all my questions and directed me to the answers for the ones remaining.
Its simple, direct and honest.
Your customer service is fast, effective and responsive. Good job!
-Damian Rosales
 "It was a privilege to talk with you today. Your approach to business is certainly refreshing. I look forward to receiving the kite and advancing my skills. Thanks for the guidance and incredible customer service. Have a terrific weekend."
- John Wilkins
 "What can I say....Really, thanks for your precious advice.. kindness and recommendations."
- Ivo Santi
 "Thank you for a seamless upgrade and a great customer experience! It made me enjoy spending extra money ;)
I enjoyed your website as well. It is very informative. The website was the final reason I decided to buy it from you. I'll contact you again when I'll be ready for a bigger kite. Good luck !"
- Martin Kopcik
 That was quick!
Thank you very much for the more than excellent service you have given me. You're recommendations and explanations definitely helped me chose the accurate products for each member of my family!!
- Mia Sirhan
 "I just wanted to say "thanks" for helping my wife buy me a kite for my (48th!) birthday. I have now flown my new Hydra II 350, 3 times (all in 8-12 knots), for hours and I *love* it. I think it's a great match for me and I appreciate your help.
Thanks again, very much."
- Andy Cohan
 "..Received it yesterday. Wow, I will try it as soon as I can, it looks very nice! Thank you for your excellent service. I will highly recommend your store to my friends This is my second kite from your store! .. Thanks! "
- Guy Gervais
 "Thank you for all the help! The online process, customer service, and support with all my questions has been a great experience!!! THANKS AGAIN!!"
- Dane Elles
 "Thank you for the tips and help. I really appreciate your speedy response. That is some amazing service. Thanks"
- Greg Martin II
"I'm a triathlete from the Philippines. I did purchase a lot of stuff from amazon and other commercial sites for my triathlon stuffs. I never found a customer service like Kitemare guys!!! Amazing.. You go way beyond what customer expected.
I was very happy with the SCOUT II training kite with video.
No doubt I'll be purchasing the real one with you guys.
I even recommended to my kitesurfer friends..
Cheers to you Guys!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.... U R the best!!!"
-Niño Abarquez (from the Phillippines)
 "I am based in Australia and was after a 12m HQ Matrixx kite. My target was a competitive package price, fair shipping fee and genuine customer service. Now you may think I am dreaming awake or a bit too picky!
However, I did my homework, contacted resellers in Australia, US and Europe and eventually found out about and their main man Jeff. After an initial chat with Jeff where I shared some details and requirements for buying gear overseas, the response was a great package for the 12m HQ Matrixx kite, best price of all (including international shipping) and a genuinely great customer service.
Later, I skyped Jeff and we chatted for an hour, explaining me the specifics of the Matrixx vs other foil kites, how warranty works for items bought overseas, shipping rules etc ...
It has been a great experience from start to finish, payment thru Paypal was easy as, shipping in 12 open days, parcel un-opened by customs, no bad surprise on reception and great follow up by Jeff.
Overall, I have been really pleased with Kitemare and I do recommend Jeff and
Flick Jeff an email or skype him ... I did and certainly have no regret !!!
Talk soon Jeff as I can start feeling the need for a 15m kite !!!"
- Fred Baud / Australia
  "Thanks for the fast response. Your offers and response speed are really up to par with your reputation. Love your site and your store."
- Olivier Gagnon
 "Thanks for everything. Your service can't be matched... I will continue coming to you guys with all my kiting needs! You have more than earned my business."
- Dusty
 "Well I could hardly believe it, but I just opened my delivery and found a brand new kite - including a bag! I am so thankful my friend for your willingness to help me in a situation that most retailers would have said, in so many words "your loss - too bad pal".
My plans are to take the kite out flying with my teaching colleagues from PBA and with my grown children when they visit.
You can be sure I will tell them the story of my excellent experience with Kitemare.
 "First off, I'd like to say thank you so much for your shockingly good customer service. Throughout my purchase and the warranty process I was delighted at your quick, thorough, and caring responses. I could not be happier to be a customer of kitemare. I was really hoping to have the new kite here in time to take it on vacation and you delivered. I can't wait to fly it more. Thanks also for the advice regarding careful handling of the kite."
"Looking forward to doing more business with you and hopefully getting down for a lesson at some point. All the best"
Cheers - Austin Taylor
 I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting me started with a trainer kite. I recently took my HQ Rush 300 Pro down to Jekyll Island, Ga for spring break with my family and had the best time learning to fly. After about 4 hours total flying time I became quite confident with it. I am now officially hooked on kiting and envision progressing from trainer to buggy, ski, and water kiting.
Thanks again for your help!
- Reid Anderson
 "After having bought my fourth kite at your shop, I really want to thank you a lot for your effort to have a smooth transaction for your customer in Germany. I appreciate it very much that your "after-sales-customer-care" works very well, which I experienced during the past years.
....You are really telling truth: You’ll keep me always flying and smiling!!!
Best regards"
- Andy (from Germany )
 "You are amazing! Thanks again for all the info. Your website will be my standard response to anyone that asks me ANY questions regarding wind sports, emphasizing excellent, knowledgeable & prompt service and accessability."
- Igor Kalageorgi
 "....just so you know, the personal service does actually make a difference. When it comes to buying kiting gear in the future will be my vendor of choice! Thanks for making everything so easy."
-Robb Dies
 "best ebay experience ever. this guy is a saint. renewed faith in humanity!"
- Ebay Member: Narwhale00
 "You are the BEST!!! Thank you SO much! I will tell everybody I know that they should get their kites from you! I will e-mail you as soon as I get the kite! All the best"
- Rosita Bergstrom
 "Thanks for the prompt reply. You have awesome customer service.
I'm really happy that I went with Kitemare."
- Shawn Schultz
 "I appreciate the fast service and personal touch you guys have."
Have a great week,
- Bolkar
 "I just wanted to thank you again for the exemplary service and customer support…I was truly blown away, and so was everyone I talked about it to. Kitemare is definitely the best beginning kiter site on the net, by far, and I have been consistently impressed. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks again,"
- Teo
 "Got the landboard and I don't like it... I love it!
Thanks for providing such a perfect board for me and at such a great price. Also, I really appreciate the hustle on getting it here so quick. I managed to get out to the park before the wind died totally.
Again... thanks a lot. I'll be looking you up for all my future airhead needs".
- Dave Bellm
You rock! Take care
Customer for life. - Ricardo Giorgis
 "I'll check it out today. I understand the business end of the deal. Your customer service alone shows how dedicated you are to help people get into the sport the right way and I have no problem supporting your business. Thanks man."
-Brian Mafnas
  "I am a beginner and so far I feel overpowered by the force of the winds in my area. Although the information available on the Kitemare web-site is outstanding, I personally am a visual thinker and wish there was a complete book or manual on all of the ins and outs of kiting from set-up to jumping ( and being able to safely land )and even touching all aspects of the traction sports. I have not as of yet been able to find a one single source for all of these things. I am grateful for all the time and enthusiasm that Jeff has given as he has walked me through various steps of learning "How-to". Never have I made a purchase from someone so dedicated to making the customer happy.
At one point I called Kitemare and spoke to Jeff asking to purchase a couple of kiting related items.

I cannot remember one time that I was willing to spend my hard earned cash and having the retailer tell me that it wasn't necessary for me to purchase this product. He even suggested that I put the money aside for a time when I want different intermediate gear.
Jeff has the perfect combination of honesty, dedication and a friendly attitude that just makes you feel comfortable even though you are clueless as of yet about the sport.
This newbie can rave about Kitemare and Jeff all day but back to the original point... I really wish that there was a total kiting related reference manual/book and I wouldn't want to purchase it from anyone but Jeff."
- Mike D'Angelo
 "I wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know that Cole LOVES the landboard and can't wait to try it out! We are anxiously awaiting the new one you are sending.
Thanks you so much for answering all my questions, getting back with me so quickly, and having some of the best customer service I have come across in a long time! With all of his buddies wanting to come and try the board, I'm sure we'll be sending some more business your way soon. Not to mention, that I might be looking for some of my own gear once I have some more time to play with our new toy. I can't wait."
Really, truly - Thank You!"
-Jo Johnson
 "Best seller I have ever bought from! Highly recomended!"
- Ebay member: Stewman313
Thanks for the info, you were right on with the delivery time estimation. I received my kite yesterday! It's awesome! Have a great weekend! -Scott
 "I have told everybody I know about the service you provide and the quality of everything you do. The kite was INSANE, by the way! The wind wasn't too consistent by I did get a sense of the power possibilities of that kite. I can't wait to get out there again. Thanks again for being the type of company that will have me coming back for all of my kite needs."
- Jason
 "Wanted to write and let you know how much I LOVE my new HQ 300 Pro!!! It’s so fun to fly and of course the 3rd line is great to have…
- Stevie Dietz
 "Wow! Thank you for that extremely fast response. I went ahead and purchased the trainer kite package you recommended from your site. I am very impressed with your service. It is very rare these days that people take such care to respond to customers. I have not received anything yet, but I can already tell I will be purchasing from you in the future." Thank you,
- Lee Galperin
 "Hey man i really have a ton of respect for your company ...i did a lot of research before buying and and I went on a whim going with have proved to be a great company who made getting into kiting fun and stress free (minus the fact of a kite have problems) i am going to recommend KiteMare to everyone who is interested in Kiting. Thank you so much for ALL your Help... you guys are Awesome..."
- Dave
( note: Dave has a bridal line break, we warrantied it, and sent him a new replacement kite)
 "Hey, thanks for your help in choosing this kite. Your site is awesome" - Joshua McCulloch  "You're great. Thanks for the great treatment and information--you know where I'll be shopping... "
- Martin
 "Thanks for all of your help!"
"I am totally impressed with your guys service and knowledge..."
"Cheers from your snowy friends up north,"
- Dave ( Canada )
Just wanted to throw a word of appreciation to you guys for such a user-friendly & informative web site. As an avid wakeboarder looking to make the transition into kiteboarding, your site give me all the info I needed. Purchased the 3.6m New Tech Trainer/Traction kite from you & I absolutely love it! In a couple months when I'm ready for my first kiteboarding lessons, I guarantee that it will be set up through you guys w/ full confidence. Thanks again, & I'll see you in a while.
- Jim Hellman
 "WOW, I never expected an email reply until Monday, and if that's not enough, you'll let me TRY the 3.3 and return it if I'm dissatisfied?
I thought service like this ended 20 years ago. I'll hop on the website and order it pronto. Thank you for your prompt service, I think I've found a home for my Kite surfing." Sincerely,
- Grady Honeycutt
 I am a beginner kiteboarder and have just received outstanding service from both David Turner at Litewave Designs and Jeff Weiss of I somehow managed to damage my brand new Litewave Designs 181 kiteboard on my very first attempt to use it. Neither myself, Dave or Jeff were quite sure how this damage was sustained. However both Litewave Designs and did what it took to make sure that I received a NEW replacement board! Besides this awesome service, my board rocks! Thanks again for the great service and effort made! Regards,
Thanks again for all your time, advice, patience, sharing your knowledge. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!
It means a lot to me and having your support and your reliability is the reason I come to you for the equipment. You do a great job and you have a good manner for selling the gear. As always I wish you great success and hope the kite biz takes you wherever you want to go in life.
Hopefully someday I'll get to kite with you.
- Roberto

 Comments from Site Visitors

 "I would like to thank you. I am just getting into this and after hours of browsing the Internet I must say your website was by FAR the most helpful in choosing which kite was right for me. Thanks!"
- Sean Cook
 "You've really been a lot of help and I think that you've done a great job on your web site, shows that you are not just there to sell product but to make sure folks are having a good, safe time kiting. Take care,"
- Lloyd Freese
 "Thanks for the quick and amazingly detailed reply!... The amount of crappy kiteboarding sites on the internet, especially those targeting beginners, has always amazed me. You have one of the few valuable and information rich sites out there. ....There are a lot more beginners out there that need the same kind of guidance that I got from when I was first starting. Trust me, it saved my arse!" Thanks,
- Glen Murray
 " ready to move on to some lessons and my first real kite. I have searched the web extensively and you guys seem to be the best. I've learned more off your site than the others combined, Thanks again for all the info and fair prices on your site."
- Dennis
"Hey, you guys really have the most informational website on the planet when it comes to kiting sports... "
- Curt Berstein
 Thanks. I’m very impressed with your website and find it very helpful. Your effort to educate beginners like myself is greatly appreciated.
I found your web page regarding kite surfing and its awesome.
Most sites that I have found are just trying to sell you crap. Kite surfing is really starting to take of in new zealand. Keep up the good work. Peter NZ
Thanks for your help... The site is priceless!
 I wanted to let you know that you have a great kite site!!! It is VERY informative and interesting.
 "I just wanted to email you to say that this kitesurfing site is the best done and most thorough of any that I have seen yet. Your site rocks!
- Christopher Van Mourick

Student Comments

Hey Jeff kiteboarding was awesome! I cant believe I got up- you are GREAT teacher thanx! To be honest I didn't think Id ever do it again but it turns out that now that I moved to Washington I look out my window and there is Jetty Island with 20 something kiteboarders on it! Its so cool to be like hey I DID THAT! And I'm gonna try to really get into it- U should come up here and teach all my friends!
- Sarah 
 "It was easy and fun to follow Jeff's step-by-step instructions, and within a few hours he had made my dream become a reality!" --"there is no better rush than being able to harness the extraordinary power that the Kite provides!"
- Bryan Marotta
 It's been about a year since I took lessons with Jeff. I'm already jumping (15-20ft), board offs, etc. Jeff gives a great lesson which he has refined to perfection... I highly recommend Jeff whenever he's in the area. This guy loves teaching and it shows in his lessons. Thanks Jeff.
- Tom Stock
 "Hey Jeff,
thanks for a great lesson. i really appreciate your great positive attitude and am impressed with your knowledge and skill as an instructor. ...thanks again for a great experience!" -Ked
 "Jeff gave me a 3 hour kite lesson and I walked away really impressed and satisfied that I had learned what I needed to get started SAFELY. He pays attention to every detail and will never leave you wondering why he did something or why you're doing something.
I've taken lessons from several instructors of other sports (7 different classes related to deep cave diving for example) and of all the different instructors I've learned from I can honestly say Jeff is one of the best.
He really enjoys what he's doing and it shows. I'll probably take a follow-up lesson once I get some board time in, and won't hesitate to recommend my friends to him should they decide to get into kite surfing too. Jeff also helped me get set up with my first set of equipment at an *excellent* price. He kept me within my budget and I walked away with better equipment than I had originally expected. What can I say? ...I just can't stop smiling. This guy is great."
Tom Stock
 I just wanted to thank you for the lessons today for Dan and myself. Been something we have wanted to get involved with for a while now, and with the knowledge that you passed down, I know we are well on the way to bigger and better things in the sport. Thanks also for keeping the pace of the lessons in stride with our skill level. We never felt rushed or felt that it was not moving along fast enough. All the info (and there was a lot!) really started to sink in towards the end of the day and when we both were able to get up on the board, even for the short time we did, it really was a great experience. Can’t wait to do it again!!
See you on the water!!
- Bryan and Dan
Hi this is Brandon again,(I am the 15 year old that you explained the hard landings too) I just wanted to say thank you SO much, this helped me out a lot! What you said made a lot of sense and now I'm landing like a pro lol,
I really appreciate that you took the time to go into detail and explain everything. If i ever have questions again or am looking to buy something i now know where to go,
Thanks again, Brandon.
 "Jeff, Thanks for all of your great instruction when i was in Tampa. You do a great job and I am sure that you are the most through and knowledgeable instructor out there. Anyone that picks you will be very satisfied.
Thanks again for the lessons and all of your help." - Mike Edwards
"Jeff, thanks for the Kiteboarding lesson. Conditions weren't the best last weekend but I learned a lot. I'm confident that I can safely handle the kites now (in all conditions) and with some board time I'll be ripping it up. Again thanks for the training and making this a safe, fun sport that anyone can learn. Keep ripping..."
-Dave Brainard

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