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Entry Level Kiteboarding Kites

Which Beginner or Entry-Level Kiteboarding Kite?

** Note there is a chart below that summarizes some of the features of each kite **

Beginner Depower/Sheetable Kites for Learning Kiteboarding  ($600-$1,800)


Flysurfer Viron
Sizes: 2.5m, 4m, 6m, & 8m

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  • #1 Choice for a True Beginner Kite
  • Excellent for Youth and Adults
  • Super Versatile - Good for Water, Snow, & Land
  • Simplest, Safest, Most User Friendly
  • Immediate & Safest Depower
  • Auto Relaunch On Land Or Water
  • Offers Huge Wind Range
  • Multiple Sizes to Engage in the Sport
  • Offers More Opportunity for Average to Heavier Weight People to Engage in the Sport
  • Can't use a Universal Bar
  • Includes Control Bar and Leash
  • Harness Sold Separate


Ozone Uno
Sizes: 2.5m, 4m, & 6m

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  • Good Choice
  • Less Versatile - Best for Water & Decent for Snow
  • A Little More Complex, Requires More Practice
  • Good Depower, Same Bar as Full-Size Kites
  • Good Relaunch, Not Quite as Simple
  • Best in Light to Moderate Winds
  • Good Size Range
  • Lightweight Riders Can Engage in the Sport with the Right Wind and Kite Size.
  • Use Same Universal Bar as Full Size Gear
  • Designed to Fly Well in Lighter Winds
  • Comes with Kite Only
  • Control Bar, Leash, Pump, & Harness Sold Separate


Eleveight RS
Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,12,14,15

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  • Great Choice to Fully Progress into the Sport
  • Great for Kiteboarding and Snowkiting 
  • The RS is User Friendly, Yet Full of Performance for all Riders
  • Good Depower and is Very Stable
  • Simple Relaunch Compared to Kites in this Category
  • Huge Wind Range and Good Performance in Lighter Winds
  • Can be Flown with Most Universal 4-line Depower Bars
  • Comes with Kite Only
  • Control Bar, Leash, Pump & Harness Sold Separate


A beginner kite can mean different things to different people.  Let's break these kites into four different groups based on conversations we have had with our customers and their interests.

Beginner to Entry-Level Kiteboarding KitesGroup #1 - I don't know much...

but I would like to buy a practice kite that rigs and flies like a full-size kite.  I would like to learn flying skills on land but also get in the water and try some things.

Kites to consider:  Flysurfer Viron  -  Ozone Uno   - See the Chart Below

 Ocean Rodeo React   - (This is not in our chart below)

Group #2  - I took lessons but I am not ready for a full size kite yet...

I don't want a little trainer kite.  I want to practice and get my flying skills down and I want to practice water relaunch the same as the full-size kites.  I also want to body drag and practice body dragging up-wind. And, if I could practice getting up on a board, that would be a bonus.   I am not planning on getting into the sport right away.  It may be 6 months or a year from now, but when I do, I would like to be ready.

Kites to consider:  Flysurfer Viron and Ozone Uno

Group #3 - I am ready to dive in - Game On!

Yes, I've taken lessons and I'm ready to invest in the full package.  I'm on a dedicated track to learn kiteboarding.

Kites to consider:  Eleveight RS - Freeride / Do all Kite (or other kites in this class)

Group #4 - I have a daughter, son, wife, husband, or friend...

that will be flying this kite.  I would like a 4-line depower kite that is going to fly well in lighter to moderate winds that they can get up and riding on.  But, I don't want the kite to be too large or overpowering.  It needs to be simple and easy to learn with.

Kites to consider:  Flysurfer Viron or Ozone Uno

These are just a few general considerations.  A person's weight, background, wind conditions, and environment will all play a role in the type of kite and the size of the kite you will choose.


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