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  • Ocean Rodeo React 2.5
  • Ocean Rodeo Harness / Carry Bag
  • Ocean Rodeo 4-line Bar
  • Ocean Rodeo React Harness / Carry Bag
  • Ocean Rodeo React Pump

Ocean Rodeo React 4 Line Trainer Kite

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Ocean Rodeo
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Product Description

The New Ocean Rodeo React 2.5m Inflatable 4 Line Trainer Kite Package


The React comes as a complete training kite package with everything you need to begin learning how to fly a kite as it relates to full size gear.  The package includes the kite, fly lines, control bar, pump, and bag / harness.  Ocean Rodeo cleverly designed the bag and harness to serve a dual purpose. 

The first thing we noticed when we unpacked the kite is how well Ocean Rodeo thought through this 4 line trainer kite package.  Most 4 line training kites do not come with a harness or control bar, and are usually purchased separately.  Ocean Rodeo did a great job providing a scaled down quality version of the harness, control bar, and chicken loop.

This 4 line trainer kite offers a great way to learn rigging and kite flying skills as they directly relate to the use of full size kiteboarding gear.  

This kite is excellent for learning and practicing kiting skills both in the water and on land.  It is durable and is water relaunchable, which allows you to practice a wide range of kite flying techniques used in kiteboarding. 

Kiteboarding, kitesurfing, snow kiting and other power kiting sports are all about building and mastering kite control from the moment the kite is removed from its bag until it is returned.  The React trainer kite package lets you walk through and practice each of these steps.

Available Sizes:  One size - 2.5m


The React 2.5m  Comes Complete With:

Trainer Harness / Carry Bag
2.5m React kite
Control Bar with 15m lines
Inflation Pump

5 Primary Features

The 5 main features that separate the React from 2 line and 3 line kites and most 4 line training kites include:

1. It has an Inflatable Leading Edge
2. It is excellent In water and is water relaunchable
3. It is a sheetable kite much like a full size kite
4. It comes with a simple waist harness (needed to fly the kite)
5. It comes with a simplified bar and chicken loop


The React is a well thought out trainer kite and system that was designed to give you a safe and close experience to what it is like to rig and fly a kite with full size gear.  This is a small 2.5m trainer kite offered at an affordable price and is designed to introduce new kiters the sport of kitebaording.  

When we took the React out for a test flight we liked how everything resembled our full size kiting gear and provided a great flying experience.  The kite fly's well with some difficulty of flying at the edge of the wind window but has a good responsive feel.  Building good kite control skills begins with learning how to steer and power your kite with small controlled bar movements (often referred to as input).  We also appreciated the smaller size of a 2.5m kite because there is always an added level of risk when you are required to hook into a harness. 

We found that the power generated by the kite is  low power in winds under 12mph.  When flying in the different power zones of the wind window and the speed the kite is traveling will increase the power that is generated. 

The React trainer kite was a good experience for learning how to properly relaunch your kite after crashing it in the water and land.  But we sometimes had a difficult time getting the kite to relaunch.   Foil trainer kites of this size tend to relaunch quickly because they are so lighter but also have difficulty wavy conditions.


The number one benefit of using a 4 line training kite like the REACT is that this type of kite provides a similar experience to flying a full size kite. It allows you to experience both steering and sheeting techniques, and how the two become one simulated motion in almost all of your kite control. 

A 4 line kite also requires you to be hooked into a harness which will transfer the power of the kite from the bar to the mid-section of your body. Now the control bar has little to no pressure on your arms because it is transferred to your body. This allows you to experience and master flying skills just like a full size kite used for kiteboarding.

Note: Two line and three line trainer kites allow you to learn kite control by steering and positioning your kite in the wind window.  But, because they have a fixed bridle the kites are not sheetable. Full size kites used for kiteboarding, kitesurfing, snowkiting, and kite landboarding are sheetable kites.


The primary disadvantages of using a four line kite are:

  • 4 line trainers are a little more expensive
  • 4 line trainer kites require you to be hooked into a harness.  This adds a level of risk - You can't just let go of the bar in order to fully depower the kite. You must release the chicken loop.
  • It takes a little more time to set up. You have to inflate the leading edge.
  • Relaunch is not as easy as most Foil trainer kites or 3 line trainers.


The React is a nice 4 line trainer kite package at an affordable price that allows you to experience how to rig and fly full size gear for kiteboarding, kitesurfing, snowkiting, and kite landboarding.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great, complete package

    Posted by Steve Barron on Thursday, November 28, 2019

    I'm very happy with kite, although have only been able to fly it once so far. I am new to this sport, and already have a 12m kite, but winds near my home are finicky, and when blowing are often strong and gusty. Flying 12m kite made me nervous a couple times. I wanted a small training kite I could practice with in stronger winds. I was also happy to find it worked fine with control bar I'd also already purchased, even though one included worked just fine. Now I hope to get much more kite practice in.

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