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HQ Hydra II 300 | Trainer Kite | Learn Kiteboarding | Free Gift

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HQ Kites
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Product Description

HQ4 Hydra 300

hydra-300-350-420-group-lg.jpgThe Hydra is a Water Relaunch-able Trainer Kite and is an excellent kite for getting out into the water and learning good kite flying skills.  The 300 is the smallest of this model and offers a nice balance of power and performance for lighter adult pilots.

Medium Power / True Size: 2.6 Square Meters /  Suggested Wind Range: 6 mph to 20 mph 
Comes Complete and Ready to Fly!

The Hydra can be used for learning kite flying skills on land, water, and snow .  This kite offers a wide range of wind conditions and generates a medium to strong pull.  

Learning to fly a kite in the water as well as on land has some great benefits.  Learning to control your kite while being dragged through the water is a much different experience than just flying your kite on land. 

The HQ Hydra is; 
    • Its closed cell ram–air foil has no bladders to inflate or replace, yet it floats on water.
    • Kite is water relaunchable.
    • The kite is extremely stable and easy to fly.
    • A third line provides a safety system and the ability to reverse launch the kite, which is valuable for beginning kiteboarders, making it the perfect kite choice for beginners.
12-06-11-hq-0424-2.jpgKite Uses:

The Hydra 300 is good for learning kite flying skills on both land and water. The 300 is good for flying in a wide range of wind conditions and generates enough power for:

  • water body-dragging exercises
  • SUP-Kiting
  • Snowkiting for lighter riders on a hard packed snow.
  • Great with a off-road skateboard on firm sand, grass, or pavement
The Hydra 300 is a great size kite for:
  • lighter weight kiters
  • families with teens
  • heavier riders or stronger winds
  • those who may not want as much powerbag-and-bar-lg.jpg
  • In winds ranging from 6 mph to 10 mph, the kite produces a light to medium pull.  
  • In wind ranges from 10 mph to 15 mph, the kite will produce medium to a strong pull.
  • In winds above 15 mph, the kite's power really begins to multiply with a strong pull.
The Hydra II Comes In 3 Sizes:
  • Hydra II 300.  True Size 2.6m Square Meters.  Medium Pull.
  • Hydra II 350.  True Size 3.5m Square Meters.  Strong Pull.
  • Hydra II 420.  True Size 4.5m Square Meters.  Stronger Pull.

hydra-300-button.png    HQ Hydra 2 350     HQ Hydra 2 420

The Hydra is a great kite for learning kiteboarding and Kitesurfing

 Hydra 300 includes:

• Lightweight shoulder bag
• Dyneema Line Set (inkl.): 220 kp, 3 x 20 m
• Safety Control Bar 50 cm / 20''
• Safety Wrist leash attached to 3rd Line

Manufacturer's Specified Wind Range: 3mph - 25mph

Product Reviews

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  1. Great kite. Easy to fly. Not a lot of power.

    Posted by Rick W on Thursday, August 23, 2018

    I've flown the kite a few times now, and am very pleased and impressed. It inflates easily, takes to the sky quickly, and relaunches very well -- at least from the ground. I haven't had it in water yet.
    I'm in Michigan where summer wind conditions are not great for power kiting. I was able to fly it on the shores of Lake Michigan with a strong shore breeze, and it was a ton of fun, however, the kite didn't generate a lot of power. I'm not sure I'll be able to practice the water start technique shown in the DVD unless I get some strong winds. I'd upgrade to the 350 if I had it to do over.
    Unfortunately I was not able to measure the wind speed because the promised wind meter was not included in the shipment.

  2. First Training Kite

    Posted by Unknown on Monday, May 16, 2016

    High quality kite, shipping was on time. Good kite to learn flying with smaller family members in light wind.

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