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HQ Rush Pro V Make-Over!

Posted by Dan Stehouwer on

New Release of the Rush Pro V

The All New Rush Pro V is here!  This kite series replaces the older Rush Pro IV 250, 300, and 350.

The Rush Pro V is a 3 line re-launchable trainer kite.  HQ has totally rebuilt it from the ground up! The Rush Pro V is  designed to take all the punishment a new flyer, higher winds, beginning snow kiters and land kiters can dish out. You could say it is designed to be bomb proof. When you're beginning, power crashing is one thing that happens while you're learning.  So this sturdier model takes a beating and keeps on ticking.

When we received the newly released kites, we immediately took them out for a trial run.They are absolutely fantastic!

Here are 6 changes that stood out right away from the older model Rush Pro IV trainer kites:

  1. A rugged, more compact carrying case
  2. The kite is made of a strong tear resistant and durable sail fabric
  3. A huge improvement is the addition of re-enforced baffles with cross webbing and additional stitching.This provides a significant amount of strength and toughness.
  4. Increased line strength. The new Rush Pro V 250 and 300 both come with 385 lb test on the outside lines versus the Rush Pro IV that had 250 lb test on the outside lines.The Rush Pro V 350 comes with 485 lb test outside lines.
  5. Dyneema bridles are sewn and not connected by knots. This will reduce snags and tangling, making the kite all the more user friendly.Oh Ya that’s good!
  6. Cool graphics offer a nicer look.

Our conclusion after flying the Rush Pro V 250, 300, and 350 is a notable improved construction of the kites. Each size offers a smooth, extremely stable, and responsive flying experience that both beginners and experienced fliers will enjoy.

The additional strength in the stitching and additional cross cell re-enforcement will greatly reduce the risk of blowing out the cell walls and tears.This will make the Rush a better contender for beginning landboarders and snow kiters as well.

The Rush Pro V trainer kite series offers amazing performance for anyone looking to learn how to kiteboard, snow kite, or landboard.The Rush kites have always been a favorite amongst our many customers.

The bottom line is the Rush Pro V 250, 300, and 350 are all excellent trainer kites to begin learning and mastering flying skills.This kite offers great performance and will help prepare you for flying a full size kite as you learn how to kiteboard.

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