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Rush V Pro Trainer Kite

HQ Rush Trainer Kite

HQ Rush IV Pro.  Newest Version Is Now The Rush V Pro Trainer Kites

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Rush IV PRO 250 (Actual size 2.0m)

  • Lighter weight people
  • Excellent for families
  • Medium weight people with stronger Winds

Rush IV PRO 300 (Actual size 2.8m)

  • Medium weight people
  • Heavier weight people with stronger Winds
BUY Rush V PRO 250 BUY Rush V PRO 300 BUY Rush V PRO 350

Rush V PRO 250 (Actual size 2.0m)

  • Lighter weight people
  • Excellent for families
  • Medium weight people with stronger Winds

Rush V PRO 300 (Actual size 2.8m)

  • Medium weight people
  • Heavier weight people with stronger Winds

Rush V PRO 350 (Actual size 2.8m)

  • Heavier weight people
  • Medium weight people with lighter Winds
Trainer Kite Quote

"Hi Jeff, I am loving the HQ Rush Pro!! It is so much fun to fly!"

Manufacturers Description

Rush IV Pro — Never Grounded

New shape, low aspect profile with more performance than ever before. The Rush IV (4) Pro series are the easiest kites for beginners and built to last. Equipped with a third line for effortless reverse relaunches and ultimate safety, the Rush III Pro series is the perfect trainer kite for a fast learning curve.

  • Reverse relaunch with third line
  • Extremely stable flying characteristics
  • Highly resistant to overflying or luffing Very Consistent pull
  • Wide wind range and Ready to Fly!
  • A perfect first step into power kiting
  • durable, high quality construction.
  • Big Zipper triangle backpack

Video:The previous III version of the Rush Pro Trainer Kite

The newer V version and some of the older version IV are the only ones we sell, but this video is still does an excellent job of explaining the Rush Pros features.

Video: The Newest Version of Rush Pro (IV) Trainer Kite Is Now The Version V

The kiter demonstrates use a "ground-stake" to secure the safety leash. A long screw-driver or a plastic tent-stake will do the same job. Rather than a stake, you can also but a bit of weight on the trailing edge (back) of the kite to hold it down as your setting up. A few handfuls of Sand or Dirt work perfect!

The title of the video is "User Guide for the Rush VI Pro Trainer Kite"

Rush V (5) Pro Trainer Kite? Why This Kite?

HQ is now making its 5th generation of the Rush Pro Kites.
The latest IV series has a lower aspect ratio (shape).

The Newest design feels great. Stable in the air, smooth, fast and easy relaunching, and flies well in light wind.

In HQ's dictionary the word "PRO" is used to mean "3-line Configuration".
To us "PRO" seems like an odd choice words for a Trainer kite model designed for beginners. It's only a name. : )

We waited years for someone to make a trainer kite with 3-lines!

  • 3-lines on smaller kites are perfect
  • 2-line kites are the least expensive, but they can't do reverse re-launch
  • 4-line jack-up the price. (Spectra line is expensive)

3-lines like the Rush PRO kites fall right in the middle offering a perfect balance of characteristics for a trainer. Reverse relaunching and at a Great price.

It's no surprise that the 3-line trainer kites are now the most popular design sold.

Rush 4 pro trainer kite

Trainer Kite Quote

Just wanted to write back with a happy customer experience (well, turned out happy). Through the usual combination of overconfidence, poor judgement, and shifty winds, I managed to wrap an HQ Rush Pro 350 around a good portion of the top branches of a 20 foot cherry tree. The instant the canopy deflated it was hopelessly entangled. Faced with abandoning the kite or trying to muscle it out of the branches, I figured it was as good as gone already, and if I ripped it in the process I was just as out 300 bucks as I was already.

So I worked the lines to get most of the canopy onto the small branches, then (I kid you not) climbed the lines until I could grab the drooping branches directly and ungracefully break off enough to bring me, branches, and kite down in a heap. Despite having suspended the full weight of 165lbs of dumbass on just a few of the bridle attachments for a good several seconds, not a single one of the lines gave way and there doesn't appear to be any tearing of the lines, loops, or canopy.

I can't recommend this method, and generally will be more cautious of downwind trees going forward, but I have to tip my hat to the HQ folks for overengineering the hell out of their kites. I would definitely recommend HQ kites to a friend, and of course would recommend they get theirs from KiteMare.com

Thanks again!
Washington, DC

What Size? Which kite is right for me?

The HQ Rush-IV Pro Series Trainers are available in 3 sizes: 250, 300, and 350

Rush IV and V 250 Pro:

  • Ideal for lightweights, or for people having the luxury of living in an area with predominantly strong wind.

Rush IV and V 300  and 350 Pro

  • Ideal for most average size adults flying in typical 7-15 mph winds.
  • The 300 pro is more popular for families, or for use by a variety of different size people.
  • If your goal is to learn and prepare for progressing onto other kite sports, the 300 has the power to get you ready.

Rush IV 350 Pro

  • A little larger and thus more powerful than the 300 pro.
  • Good choice for: Athletic people.
  • People who want the extra versatility to possibly later use the same trainer kite as an entry level kite for learning to ride with a mountain board ( kite-landboarding ), or with skis or Snowboard (snow-kiting).
  • Average weight people in lighter winds areas
  • Heavier people in stronger winds.
  • Lghter or average weight people who like a challenge and want the extra versatility of a more powerful kite.
  • If you're 190+, consider the Rush 350 or a more durable Scout Kite
  • If your 140-180, and want to feel the power, you can also fly the 350.

For smaller people, or cautious/timid types, the Rush 250 Pro is good.

Video: Flying the Rush Pro 250 in Light Winds

Notice that the lady in the video is moving the kite quite a bit from one side of the wind-window to the other.

On extreme light days, moving the kite more allows it to keep flying by taking advantage of the apparent wind. (True Wind + Induced wind).

For now, just remember the more you move the kite, the more power it will generate.

Video: Flying the Rush Pro 250 in Stronger Winds

In this next video below, Another kite girl flying the same kite. Rush 350 Pro. This time, the wind is stronger.

In a decent wind, it's easy to "park" your kite, keeping it in relatively the same location in the sky. If moving your kite very little, even in stronger wind, the kite will remain docile with little pull.

But..... move the kite fast in moderate to strong winds and you'll be getting yanked around. This video shows exactly that. : ) Watch closely. At the very beginning of the video. Very little movement of the bar, and very little pull, and then...... : ))

Rush IV Pro: Color Option?

Just like the other HQ kites... Each size has its own designated color

  • 250 Pro is Red
  • 300 Pro is Green
  • 350 Pro is Blue (images below)
Rush IV Pro 250 Trainer Kite

HQ Rush IV 250 PRO

True Size: 2.0m
Complete Package: $199.49

Rush IV 300 Pro Trainer Kite

HQ Rush IV 300 PRO

True Size: 2.8m
Complete Package: $226.09

HQ Rush IV pro 350 trainer kite

HQ Rush IV 350 PRO

True Size: 3.5m
Complete Package: $254.59



HQ Rush IV Pro Trainer Kite Specs

Complete and Delivered package! Everything's Included!

  • Kite
  • Control bar with 3-lines
  • Safety wrist Kite Leash
  • Carry Pack
  • Instruction Manual / Trainer Guide
  • FREE Shipping within the US and to Canada
  • FREE " Instructional DVD or Wind-Meter

Ready to Start flying?

Purchase your first trainer kite, or if you still have questions, just ask!

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Trainer Kite Quote

"I wanted to write and let you know how much I LOVE my new HQ 300 Pro!!!
It’s so fun to fly and of course the 3rd line is great to have…
Thanks again! All the Best,"
Stevie Dietz; Cornwall, UK

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