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Landboarding: From Cruising the flats, to Big Air And Tricks

Why landboarding? It's faster, cheaper, and easier to learn on land, than on the water. Kite landboarding has all the thrills of kiteboarding without getting your feet wet! This fast-moving, fast-growing sport combines the best elements of skate, snow, and all-terrain mountain-boarding (ATB) with traction-kites. Kite landboarding offers something for everyone, from cruising the flats, to big airs and tricks.


Kite landboarding is an ideal way to build skills for the water.

Or, it's just another great way to utilize the the versatile power of a kite. From 8 year olds to 65+ , anyone can learn.

Landboards are also referred to as:

  • Mountainboards
  • ATB (All Terrain Boards)
  • Groundboards
  • Off Road Skateboards

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