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Thiinking of Learning How to Kiteboard?

Posted by Dan Stehouwer on

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport so you need to do it smart. Get ready to take a few steps and don’t start with a huge leap.Be a smart chicken and always live to kite another day.

Kiteboarding can be learned relatively quickly and safely when the right steps and instructions are followed.Kiteboarding is an amazing wind sport that is capturing the attention of a wide range of people: Young, old, men, women, competitive athletes, and simple everyday people looking for an adventure.Almost anyone with the desire and willingness can learn.The speed in which you learn will vary person to person.

Always remember it is your journey so take your time and do not let unrealistic expectations frustrate you. You may be up and flying in a week, or you may be trying to figure this thing out for a month.The amount of time and your background in sailing, wakeboarding, surfing, and snowboarding will all play a role in how quickly you learn.Some people start with no athletic background, board skills, or experience in wind sports.No matter what your background, you can do it.That deserves a compliment right there.

Remember, like any sport, watching an experienced kiteboarder will make the sport look easy and in some cases almost effortless, but that is not where they started.Yes, there are a few naturally gifted people who, with the right background and exposure to certain sports, may learn extremely fast.But for the average person, learning to kiteboard safely and responsibly is more like a journey than a day trip to paradise beach.So brace yourself, get amped, and get ready to enjoy the ride.

Minimize the Risk Factor.Unlike learning to water ski or wakeboard, kiteboarding comes with a greater and more uncontrolled risk of injury, frustration, and most importantly if not done right could put other people around you in danger. A good certified instructor will greatly minimize the risk and will teach you how to properly and safely handle your gear.With kiteboarding not only will you be learning kiteboarding skills but just as important, you must learn how to evaluate your location, the weather, and how other activities around you will effective your session.Safety should always be a top priority for you, your fellow kiters, and other people who are out enjoying the beach.So don’t shortcut this step.Be smart and be responsible.

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